FAQs FAQs About Guardians of Ga’Hoole

How many books will there be in the series?

I finished at book 15, The War of the Ember. Years later, I wrote The Rise of a Legend, which could be called book 16. But I’ve got a new series that is related, Wolves of the Beyond.

Who is your favorite owl in the series?

Oh dear, that is a really tough question. I love them all dearly. Of course, Soren will always have a special place in my heart. This might surprise many readers, but I am very drawn to Otulissa. I know she can be impossibly conceited sometimes and very much of a snob about many things, but she has a good heart and a magnificent gizzard. As a writer, I love her because she is a very complex character. She really challenges me.

What is your favorite species of owls?

I think my favorite owl species is the Barn Owl. I find something ghostly and beautiful about those white, almost heart shaped faces with the black eyes.

Do you have any pet owls?

No, I don't have any pet owls. I don't want one either, they would make terrible pets. I like to think of them flying free in their natural habitats. BUT AN EASTERN SCREECH HAS APPEARED IN MY BACKYARD!

Where can I see an owl in real life?

If you want to see an owl in real life, I suggest calling your local Audubon Society and see if they might have any advice for you. Sometimes zoos have them, and some nature centers have bird rehabilitation programs. Most owls in captivity are ones that have been injured and cannot survive on their own.  Chances are, you will not see an owl in the wild as they are nocturnal and very shy.

Why are there no pictures of the owls inside the covers of books #7 and on?

Well, my publishers told me it was simply too expensive to print them. I miss those pictures too.

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