The Gates of the Wind Cover

The Gates of the Wind

Gamma Lee leaves her peaceful village to journey to the mountains and the place called the Gates of the Wind, where she and the wind battle each other until they learn how to live together.

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Pond Year Cover

Pond Year

Two young girls enjoy playing and exploring in the nearby pond where they discover tadpoles, insects, wildflowers in the summer, and a place to ice skate in the winter.

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Cloud Eyes Cover

Cloud Eyes

Cloud Eyes, a young dreamer, is his tribe’s only hope for bringing honey back to the lodges of his people. So begins this Native American boy’s quest.

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Sea Swan Cover

Sea Swan

On the morning of her seventy-fifth birthday,Elzibah decides to learn something new—to learn how to swim. She buys an emerald green swimsuit with pictures of water lilies on the skirt, and starts swimming lessons. Soon wonderful things begin to unfold for her.

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