Polar Bear Quiz

Polar Bear Quiz

How much do you know about Polar Bears?

Polar Bear quiz


1) What color is a polar bear's skin?

2) What color is a polar bear’s fur?

3) How much does a polar bear cub weigh at birth?   

4) Who has a better sense of smell an owl or a polar bear?

5) How much does a grown-up polar bear weigh?

6) Will there be Polar Bears by 2050?

7) What are five countries in which Polar bears live?

8) How much blubber does a polar bear have?

9) How fast can a polar bear run?

10) What color is a mature polar bear’s tongue?



1) Black
2) The guard hairs of a polar bear’s coat are hollow and appear white but are actually transparent because of an optical trick in which the energy of light is trapped within the hollow tubes of the fur.
3) Roughly a pound, or 16 to 24 ounces
4) A polar bear can smell a seal from twenty miles away 
5) A male polar bear can weigh between 770 and 1540 pounds. A female about half as much
6) Two thirds of the polar bear population will probably vanish by 2050 because of global warming.
7) Polar bears live above the Arctic circle in these countries: Greenland, Norway, Russia, the United States and Canada
8) Four inches of blubber help insulate a polar bear against the cold
9) 25 miles per hour
10) Blue

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