Wild Blood

Wild Blood

A Series Comes full Circle

Winston Churchill wrote that history is written by the victors. The Horses of the Dawn series is told from neither the point of view of the victors or the vanquished, but the from the horses. It is story of the discovery of the new world, told by those first horses brought over in the 16th century by Cortes and the Spanish Conquistadores when they sailed from Cuba to Mexico. Ironically, this single voyage marked the return of horses to North America for the first time in millions of years.

I have always been interested in firsts. First stars glimpsed through powerful telescopes. First artists who painted on the walls of caves. First voyagers who crossed vast seas. And yes, first horses—like Tiny Horse , Eohippus equus, that is considered the first horse and existed only on the North American continent. It was no more than ten to twenty inches in height and its evolution began some fifty million years ago.

I wound up writing more than a different way to tell a story but also, and most gratifying, I plunged into an odyssey that explored  the differences between being feral and being wild. That’s what I love most about writing a book, fiction or nonfiction. You stumble into new territory you never imagined.

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