Trace Elements Cover

Trace Elements

Harvard physicist Tom Jacobs dies from a rattlesnake bite in the Nevada desert. His widow Calista and bright young son Charley help each other endure the tragedy as they go on living in Cambridge. Soon, the duo suspects that Tom's death was more than a simple accident.

A Baby for Max Cover

A Baby for Max

Kathryn Lasky Knight recorded the words of her five-year-old son as the family awaited, and then celebrated, the birth of their new baby. This engaging combination of text and Dad's photographs captures the anticipation. impatience, apprehension, and joy involved in the arrival of Max’s baby sister.

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Pageant Cover


Sarah Benjamin, a Jewish teenager on the brink of Kennedy's New Frontier, wonders if she can endure four more years of Stuart Hall, Indianapolis's most exclusive, very Christian, and impossibly stuffy school for girls.

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The Bone Wars Cover

The Bone Wars

In the mid-1870s, young teenage scout Thad Longsworth finds his destiny linked with that of three rival teams of paleontologists searching for dinosaur bones, as the Great Plains Indians prepare to go to war against the white man.

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Sea Swan Cover

Sea Swan

On the morning of her seventy-fifth birthday,Elzibah decides to learn something new—to learn how to swim. She buys an emerald green swimsuit with pictures of water lilies on the skirt, and starts swimming lessons. Soon wonderful things begin to unfold for her.

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The Widow of Oz Cover

The Widow of Oz

Named after the heroine of the Wizard of Oz and given a dog named Toto, Dorothy has never been entirely comfortable about being identified with her fictional counterpart, to whom things seem to happen in a random manner. Suddenly widowed at age 52, Dorothy finds herself for the first time acting in a drama for which she has no script.

Mortal Words Cover

Mortal Words

Children's book illustrator Calista Jacobs and her teenage son Charley are back in a new mystery featuring fundamentalist extremists, archeology and computer-enhanced genetic research. Calista and two of her colleagues are verbally attacked--called "immoral" influences--at a children's literature conference in Boston. Then one of them is murdered. Calista must solve the case before she becomes the next victim.

Cloud Eyes Cover

Cloud Eyes

Cloud Eyes, a young dreamer, is his tribe’s only hope for bringing honey back to the lodges of his people. So begins this Native American boy’s quest.

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Sugaring Time Cover

Sugaring Time

Lasky and and photographer Chistopher Knight follow the Lacey family of central Vermont as they engage in that still-flourishing American tradition of gathering maple sap for boiling into delectable maple syrup.

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Pond Year Cover

Pond Year

Two young girls enjoy playing and exploring in the nearby pond where they discover tadpoles, insects, wildflowers in the summer, and a place to ice skate in the winter.

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Beyond the Divide Cover

Beyond the Divide

In 1849, a fourteen-year-old Amish girl joins a wagon train west with her father after he has been shunned by their community.

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The Gates of the Wind Cover

The Gates of the Wind

Gamma Lee leaves her peaceful village to journey to the mountains and the place called the Gates of the Wind, where she and the wind battle each other until they learn how to live together.

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Days of the Dead Cover

Days of the Dead

Lasky and photographer Christopher Knight capture the spirit of los Dias de Muertos, the Days of the Dead, Mexico's celebration that commemorates ancestors.

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Beyond the Burning Time Cover

Beyond the Burning Time

When, in the winter of 1691, accusations of witchcraft surface in her small New England village, twelve-year-old Mary Chase fights to save her mother from execution.

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Memoirs of a Bookbat Cover

Memoirs of a Bookbat

Fourteen-year-old Harper, an avid reader of fantasy who must hide her books from her fundamentalist parents, comes to realize that their public promotion of censorship threatens her freedom to make her own choices.

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She’s Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head! Cover

She’s Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head!

Minna and Harriet, two proper Boston ladies of the 1890s, are appalled when the fashion for feathers on ladies' hats gets even more extreme, with whole birds perched on top. They soon begin a conservation movement that ultimately succeeds in passing laws protecting many birds.

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Monarchs Cover


A photographic depiction of one the few true migratory butterflies, which journey from the coast of Maine to the forests of El Rosario, Mexico, and Pacific Grove, California, where they gather by the millions to winter.

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Searching for Laura Ingalls Cover

Searching for Laura Ingalls

A photographic essay starring Meribah, the eight-year-old daughter of the author and photographer Christopher Knight, that chronicles a nostalgic journey to rediscover the reality of midwestern pioneer life in the late 19th century.

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Sophie and Rose Cover

Sophie and Rose

After she discovers an old doll that had belonged to her mother and her grandmother, Sophie grows to love the doll more and more even though she is missing some hair, gets chocolate-stained, and loses an eye.

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Mumbo Jumbo Cover

Mumbo Jumbo

In the third Calista Jacobs mystery, Jacobs and her son Charley join archeologist Archie Baldwin in Arizona. There, they encounter a sinister New Age cult, headed by Pahata Ra, who claims to be the reincarnation of a 65,000-year-old woman from the Russian steppes. When Calista recognizes Pahata as her old college roommate, she suspects foul play.

Lunch Bunnies Cover

Lunch Bunnies

Clyde, the rabbit, is ready to start school, but after talking with his brother, he is worried about what will happen at lunchtime.

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Star Split Cover

Star Split

Genetically enhanced like others of her privileged class, Darci Murlowe, a typical if somewhat lonely teenager in the year 3038, is shocked to find that her parents are part of an underground movement to save the genetic future of humanity.

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Alice Rose and Sam: Cover

Alice Rose and Sam:

Alice Rose, an irrepressible twelve-year-old, shares adventures with Mark Twain, an outlandish reporter on her father's newspaper in Virginia City, Nevada, during the 1860s.

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First Painter Cover

First Painter

After her mother's death, young Mishoo becomes her prehistoric tribe's Dream Catcher. She must find a way to help her tribe during a terrible drought.

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Show and Tell Bunnies Cover

Show and Tell Bunnies

Clyde has nothing to bring for Show and Tell. In desperation, he searches the basement and finds a gray, lopsided, furry-looking ball. The next day, Clyde's mystery object turns into a wonderful surprise for the whole class.

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Christmas After All Cover

Christmas After All

Eleven-year-old Minnie Swift recounts how her family dealt with the difficult times during the Depression and how the arrival of an orphan from Texas changed their lives in Indianapolis just before Christmas 1932.

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Born in the Breezes Cover

Born in the Breezes

The Voyages Of Joshua Slocum: In the mid-1800s, 14-year-old Slocum ran away to sea to escape the drudgery of his father's boot shop. By the time he was 25, he was a sea captain. Later, he became the first man to sail around the world alone.

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Science Fair Bunnies Cover

Science Fair Bunnies

Clyde and Rosemary's science project suffers a blow with the untimely demise of their bean plants. When Clyde discovers he has a loose tooth, he devises a back up plan. But he and Rosemary must decide whether to use their loose teeth or leave them for the Tooth Fairy.

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The Emperor’s Old Clothes Cover

The Emperor’s Old Clothes

Here is the untold story of Henry, a simple farmer who stumbles upon some extraordinary finery and a whole new attitude. Who would have guessed that a change of attire would bring out his truly regal nature? Yet Henry’s transformation may cause trouble in the barnyard.

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Lucille’s Snowsuit Cover

Lucille’s Snowsuit

It's a snow day! Lucille is jealous when her big brother and sister head outside to play in their sleek snow pants and jackets while she's stuck inside putting on her snowsuit. But with a little help from Mommy, Lucille finally runs outside to join the snowy fun, and that's when she discovers that perhaps snowsuits are indeed best for making the most of a snow day.

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Starring Lucille Cover

Starring Lucille

It's Lucille's birthday. She gets to open one present early: a tutu, crown, and ballet shoes from her grandparents. Lucille spends all the days before her birthday rehearsing for a performance for her family. Then her older brother and sister try to steal the limelight. Lucille, of course, manages to upstage them, and has a very happy birthday after all.

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Lucille Camps In Cover

Lucille Camps In

Lucille’s older brother and sister are heading off on a camping trip with their dad, but Lucille’s too young to go. Lucille is mad about being left behind, but then gets an idea of her very own: If camping out is fun, why can’t camping in be even better?

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