Booklist Review of Daughters of the Sea: May

Elements of mystery, romance, fantasy, and drama combine in a mesmerizing tale.

In 1899, 15-year-old May learns that she is kin to neither the sour hypochondriac she has called “Mother” nor the stalwart lighthouse keeper she still loves as a father. But the mystery of her birth pales beside the experience of falling in love and the discovery that she can become a mermaid simply by diving into the sea. As she struggles to reconcile her familiar obligations at home with her newfound experiences, May finds her world shifting again when her sister Hannah, the protagonist of the first Daughters of the Sea novel, appears on the scene. Elements of mystery, romance, fantasy, and drama (occasionally bordering on melodrama) combine in a mesmerizing tale with a well-realized Maine setting. At the novel’s end, Hannah’s story intertwines with May’s and promises another sister and still more revelations to come in future series volumes. The moonlit scene on the jacket emphasizes the novel’s romantic side.

— Carolyn Phelan

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