Horses quiz

Horses quiz

Take a quiz to see how much you know about horses

Horses are pretty remarkable creatures. Did you know that a horse can see almost 360 degrees because its eyes are placed right on the sides of its head? Pretty amazing, right? They can also sleep both standing up or lying down. Oh, and they only sleep around three hours a day. I need much more than that if I'm going to keep writing these books! 

Here's a little quiz you can take if you’re keen to know a little more about horses. 

Is a horse an herbivore, omnivore or carnivore? 
How much does a horses heart weigh? 4 lbs, 9 lbs or 18 lbs? 
How long after it is born does a horse stand up?
who has a better memory, horses or elephants? 
What takes up more space in a horses head, its teeth or its brain? 


Horses eat grass so they are herbivores. 
9 lbs
A foal can stand up usually within one hour of its birth. It can trot and canter within hours and gallop by the next day!
Their teeth!

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