Two Bad Pilgrims Cover

Two Bad Pilgrims

Just when you thought you knew all about the Pilgrims, the bad boy brothers Billington tell their true story of mischief and mayhem that almost blew up the Mayflower.

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Porkenstein Cover


Dr. Smart Pig is a famous inventor, but he doesn't have any friends. His brothers were eaten by the Big Bad Wolf, and now he's all alone. So, he invents a friend—a pig who is bigger and better and absolutely wolf-proof!

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Marven of the Great North Woods Cover

Marven of the Great North Woods

When the influenza epidemic strikes Duluth, Minnesota, in 1918, Marven's parents send him far away from the danger of the disease. This is a true story of a small Jewish boy and a bearish French-Canadian lumberjack... and how they became friends under the most unusual circumstances.

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Poodle and Hound Cover

Poodle and Hound

Poodle likes pom-poms in her hair, tells funny stories, and grows flowers. Hound reads the newspaper, observes the stars, and grows vegetables in the garden. Poodle and Hound are different, but they are also best friends.

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Georgia Rises Cover

Georgia Rises

Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s own descriptive letters, Kathryn Lasky imagines a day in the life of this legendary artist at her Abiquiu, New Mexico, home. Before the first shades of lavender color the morning sky, Georgia rises – eager to walk the rust red hills and discover images that she will later paint.

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Pirate Bob Cover

Pirate Bob

This is a pirate... Beware! From the breathless moonlit moments before a raid, to the raucous celebration of illgotten gains, bright illustrations are full of humor and excitement that will have young readers dreaming of a pirate’s life.

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