Two Bad Pilgrims Cover

Two Bad Pilgrims

Just when you thought you knew all about the Pilgrims, the bad boy brothers Billington tell their true story of mischief and mayhem that almost blew up the Mayflower.

Everybody knows about the Pilgrims,pious, sober voyagers who sought new lives in the New World. But two very bad Pilgrims have been largely forgotten by history, and they're ready to tell their story! Real-life boys Francis and Johnny Billington nearly blew up the Mayflower, got kidnapped by Indians, and wreaked havoc wherever they went.

Award-winning author Kathryn Lasky and illustrator John Manders reveal the lives of America's first troublemakers as well as tons of fascinating Pilgrim facts, with kid-friendly humor and energetic comic book?style art in this irreverent book that is part history, part parody, and all comedy.

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