The Extra Cover

The Extra

Django and fifteen-year-old Lilo are picked out of a lineup by Hitler's favorite filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl, to work as extras in her new movie. The route to the filming location seems to lead away from the concentration camps being built in eastern Europe, but does it really offer anything more than bizarre detour?

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Chasing Orion Cover

Chasing Orion

It is the summer of 1952 and polio has broken out in Indiana. Pools, camps, theaters, and almost all public spaces are closed for fear of spreading the terrifying disease. Eleven-year-old Georgie never thought she would come as close to polio as she does when she meets a new neighbor, Phyllis, who is encased in an iron lung.

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Ashes Cover


Berlin, 1932: In many ways thirteen-year-old Gabriella Schramm lives a charmed, carefree life. She loves her parents and her sister, Ulla. She loves her new literature teacher. She loves her family’s summer lake house, next door to Albert Einstein’s. And most of all, Gaby loves books. But soon she begins losing these things as Hitler unstoppably climbs to power.

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True North Cover

True North

The lives of two young women, an abolitionist's granddaughter and a fugitive slave girl, intersect on the Underground Railroad in 1858.

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Double Trouble Squared Cover

Double Trouble Squared

Using the detective skills of their hero, Sherlock Holmes, the twins set out to solve a puzzle that takes them on an exciting journey through the streets of London.

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Shadows in the Water Cover

Shadows in the Water

When the Starbuck family moves to a houseboat in the Florida Keys, Liberty and July discover they share a wonderful telepathic link with the dolphins in the area.

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A Voice in the Wind: Cover

A Voice in the Wind:

Before the Starbuck family embarks on a trip to New Mexico, a whisper comes through the wind to Liberty. It leads her and her twin, July, to an ancient hillside dwelling that was the site of a tragedy.

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The Last Girls of Pompeii Cover

The Last Girls of Pompeii

In Pompeii, in the summer of A.D. 79, Julia and Sura appear to lead opposite lives. But when Mt. Vesuvius erupts, Julia’s and Sura's fates are forever altered, forcing them both to face the true meaning of freedom.

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