Chasing Orion Cover

Chasing Orion

It is the summer of 1952 and polio has broken out in Indiana. Pools, camps, theaters, and almost all public spaces are closed for fear of spreading the terrifying disease. Eleven-year-old Georgie never thought she would come as close to polio as she does when she meets a new neighbor, Phyllis, who is encased in an iron lung.

“I have eighty-seven cubic centimeters of air but you have the world,” Phyllis says to Georgie. But although Phyllis's ability to breathe may be limited, her determination to manipulate her friends and family is boundless. While Georgie gets to know Phyllis  - and begins to question if living in an iron lung is really living - Phyllis meticulously builds a web of lies in which she snares her parents and her new love, Georgie's brother Emmett. Can Georgie untangle the truth before they all suffer the dire consequences brought on by Phyllis's deception?

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