Tangled in Time: The Portal Cover

Tangled in Time: The Portal

Life used to be great for Rose. She loved her friends, got on great with her mom (her dad was out of the picture), and was starting to rack up a lot of hits on her fashion blog. But then her mother dies in a car crash, and Rose is sent away to live with a strange, old-fashioned grandmother she hardly knows.

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The Den of Forever Frost Cover

The Den of Forever Frost

Cubs Stellan and Jytte survived their treacherous trek across the Nunquivik, but their quest to rescue their mother has only begun. Svenna is imprisoned at the sinister Ice Clock-the headquarters of the Grand Patek whose dangerous influence is spreading throughout the bear kingdom.

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Star Wolf Cover

Star Wolf

A great cold has seized the Beyond. The warmth of summer, the smell of sweet grass and the great caribou migrations are distant memories. Now the wolves know only ice, dark, snow and endless cold. The order that kept the wolf clans strong for thousands of years has broken down completely. Will the wolves trust young Faolan to lead them?

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