The River of Wind

Coryn and the Band have returned to the Great Ga'Hoole Tree and restored order. Meanwhile, deep in the Palace of Mists, Bess finds an ancient map fragment that reveals that there are not five owl kingdoms but six. Coryn and the Chaw of Chaws set off to find this unknown land.

As the tree shakes off its gaudy golden glow and recovers its natural majesty, an ancient map fragment is unearthed. It reveals that there are not five owl kingdoms, as has been thought since time immemorial, but six. Following the map and riding on a river of wind, Coryn and the Chaw of Chaws discover a landscape of perpetual winter and serene, learned owls the like of which no one has ever before seen. Meanwhile, young Guardians Primrose and Eglantine are journeying through the known kingdoms. Far from home, they uncover a plot by the remnant Pure Ones to assassinate the young king and his noble companions. It is too late to get help from the guardians back at the tree. Primrose and Eglantine must race against time itself to find the strange unknown land themselves to warn Coryn and the others of the attack. Once again the battle is joined, but will a handful of Guardians and peace-loving monks be a match for the Pure Ones bent on murder?

Paperback: 224 Pages

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