Before I was Your Mother Cover

Before I was Your Mother

A mother tells her own daughter what she was like and what she used to do when she was a little girl. A humorous, warmhearted blend of past and present that celebrates the special love mothers and daughters share.

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A Voice of Her Own Cover

A Voice of Her Own

The Story of Phillis Wheatley, Slave Poet: Amid the tumult of the Revolutionary War, Phillis Wheatley became a poet and ultimately had a book of verse published, establishing herself as the first African American woman poet this country had ever known.

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Tumble Bunnies Cover

Tumble Bunnies

Clyde enters the tumbling event with best friend Rosemary. But something unexpected happens to Rosemary on the day of the Sports Spectacular.

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Vision of Beauty Cover

Vision of Beauty

A chronicle of the life of Sarah Breedlove Walker, one of the most successful African-American women entrepreneurs in the United States.

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The Man Who Made Time Travel Cover

The Man Who Made Time Travel

The fascinating story of the quest to measure longitude. John Harrison, an obscure, uneducated clockmaker, dared to imagine a new device that allowed sailors to be able to determine their position at sea.

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Humphrey, Albert, and the Flying Machine Cover

Humphrey, Albert, and the Flying Machine

Science comes to the rescue in this hilariously fractured fairy tale. Humphrey and Albert go in search of a handsome prince who can wake Princess Briar Rose from her enchanted sleep. Instead, they find Daniel Bernoulli, inventor of an incredible flying machine.

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Mommy’s Hands Cover

Mommy’s Hands

Three youngsters describe the various things their hands and their mothers' hands do when they are together throughout the different seasons of the year.

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Love That Baby Cover

Love That Baby

A book for new brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends that teaches young readers how to welcome a new baby into the family.

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Lucille Camps In Cover

Lucille Camps In

Lucille’s older brother and sister are heading off on a camping trip with their dad, but Lucille’s too young to go. Lucille is mad about being left behind, but then gets an idea of her very own: If camping out is fun, why can’t camping in be even better?

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Starring Lucille Cover

Starring Lucille

It's Lucille's birthday. She gets to open one present early: a tutu, crown, and ballet shoes from her grandparents. Lucille spends all the days before her birthday rehearsing for a performance for her family. Then her older brother and sister try to steal the limelight. Lucille, of course, manages to upstage them, and has a very happy birthday after all.

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