Beyond the Divide Cover

Beyond the Divide

In 1849, a fourteen-year-old Amish girl joins a wagon train west with her father after he has been shunned by their community.

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The Widow of Oz Cover

The Widow of Oz

Named after the heroine of the Wizard of Oz and given a dog named Toto, Dorothy has never been entirely comfortable about being identified with her fictional counterpart, to whom things seem to happen in a random manner. Suddenly widowed at age 52, Dorothy finds herself for the first time acting in a drama for which she has no script.

The Bone Wars Cover

The Bone Wars

In the mid-1870s, young teenage scout Thad Longsworth finds his destiny linked with that of three rival teams of paleontologists searching for dinosaur bones, as the Great Plains Indians prepare to go to war against the white man.

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Pageant Cover


Sarah Benjamin, a Jewish teenager on the brink of Kennedy's New Frontier, wonders if she can endure four more years of Stuart Hall, Indianapolis's most exclusive, very Christian, and impossibly stuffy school for girls.

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