Two Bad Pilgrims Cover

Two Bad Pilgrims

Just when you thought you knew all about the Pilgrims, the bad boy brothers Billington tell their true story of mischief and mayhem that almost blew up the Mayflower.

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Porkenstein Cover


Dr. Smart Pig is a famous inventor, but he doesn't have any friends. His brothers were eaten by the Big Bad Wolf, and now he's all alone. So, he invents a friend—a pig who is bigger and better and absolutely wolf-proof!

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Chasing Orion Cover

Chasing Orion

It is the summer of 1952 and polio has broken out in Indiana. Pools, camps, theaters, and almost all public spaces are closed for fear of spreading the terrifying disease. Eleven-year-old Georgie never thought she would come as close to polio as she does when she meets a new neighbor, Phyllis, who is encased in an iron lung.

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Lost Tales of Ga’Hoole: Guided by the Knower Cover

Lost Tales of Ga’Hoole: Guided by the Knower

Otulissa has studied long in the libraries of the Others; she has probed the ancient lore of the strange and powerful dire wolves of the Beyond. And at the Great Ga'Hoole tree itself she has uncovered secret histories of Guardians she thought she knew well! Attention Dear Reader! Great mysteries will be revealed to the attuned mind in these last Lost Tales of the Great Tree!

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